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Web Design for Distributors

As a distributor, your business is built on the ability to provide a diverse range of products to an even more diverse range of businesses. To do that effectively, you need an industrial website design that goes above and beyond the capabilities of other commercial sites. Adapta Interactive is ready to provide it for you.

We have a tremendous amount of experience offering web design for distributors and we fully understand the unique demands of distributor websites. Using modern design practices, coupled with extensive functionality, we build distributor websites that are informative, intuitive, appealing and valuable to your B2B operations.

Unique design considerations

Every ecommerce website needs quality photos and clean descriptions, but distributor websites need even more. Industrial website design needs to include several other key design elements to make sure your current and potential partners are able to find exactly what they need. Some of the all-important variables in web design for distributors include:

  • Manufacturer information, including warranties and TOS

  • Technical product information, including manuals and schematics

  • Pricing tiers, including MSRP, dealer markup, distributor direct and more

  • Branding and customization capabilities

  • Shipment and logistics information

  • Requests for information and pricing

By considering these unique elements, we’re able to approach industrial website design with a full understanding of what your site needs to accomplish. Then, we get to work designing around those demands.

Back-end and login capabilities

Integrating robust user functionality into your distributor website is a great way to streamline your business and improve customer service. Adapta Interactive will make sure your client login and inventory management systems work properly, so you can provide customers with value instead of a hassle. In planning back-end web design for distributors, we incorporate:

  • User account creation and maintenance

  • Customer-facing login accessibility, such as pricing and inventory

  • Site search by product, part number, manufacturer or keyword

  • Shipping and freight cost calculators

  • Real-time inventory processing

  • Easy customer contact forms/channels

With industrial website design that covers front-facing and customer-access capabilities, we turn your web presence into an asset that makes doing business easier, no matter how many partners you have.

Industrial web design for any business

Whether you’re a distributor of consumer goods, manufacturer components, specialized products or something else entirely, we tailor our web design approach to meet the demands and expectations of your industry. We take the time to build in special features and crucial elements that position your business as an industry leader:

  • Content management system

  • Robust FAQ sections

  • Dealer and reseller information portals

  • Industry-specific SEO strategies

  • CAGE, DUNS and NACIS code categorization

Focusing on these elements and many, many more, we build you a distributor website that’s filled with all of the critical information your customers need to do business with you. More than that, we help establish your reputation, convenience and penchant for customer service.

Responsive site adaptation

Responsiveness is a cornerstone of any web design for distributors. Your site needs to conform to the standards of any user viewing it, which means scaling up and down as-needed to accommodate different screen resolutions, tablets and smartphones. Our web designs are made with responsiveness in mind, offering scale and proportion rules that make it look great no matter what it’s being viewed on.

  • Auto-detection for devices and screen sizes

  • Image sizing, resolution and scaling

  • Text resizing and wrapping

  • Element visibility/hiding, specific to devices

  • Site scaling effects

  • Navigation sizing and consolidation

No more directing your visitors to a mobile site or rending a half-loaded, disproportionate site! Our industrial website design establishes the responsiveness you demand, to provide the best possible impression.

Earn business with a website that works

At Adapta Interactive, our goal is to build your distributor site with every possible consideration in mind, so they result in a powerhouse that helps to drive sales and further customer relationships. We know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all website for distributors, which is why we make sure yours is specifically tailored around your business.

No matter what products you sell, what your volume is, how many businesses you supply or what industry you’re in, we’ll position your distribution platform to succeed. Let us help build you a website that’s uniquely designed, intuitively structured, responsively configured and filled with all of the pertinent information your customers are looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about how we approach web design for distributors and to consult with us about your expectations for the ideal distributor website. We’ll be happy to sit down and discuss your needs, wants and ideas, to bring them to life in an appealing, highly-functional capacity.

Let us help you unlock the true potential for increased sales and customer satisfaction through the power of industrial website design. Contact the Adapta Interactive design team today at 952-767-6700 to get the ball rolling on a brand-new distributor site design.


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