Awesome design, awesome SEO rank

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Awesome design, awesome SEO rank

This project with long-time client WSB morphed over the last year from a simple enhancement to the design of the services section of their site into a full-blown redesign and redevelopment. The entire concept was updated to a more modern look that kept things visual and easy to digest. The services area was given a custom upgrade but every part of the site was enhanced for a really attractive result.

In addition, this project saw us combine the rest of their other brand sites into one SEO-friendly platform so as to not lose out on synergistic search engine ranking between all sites.

The project included:

  • Custom design concepts and refinement to all visual aspects of the site
  • Visually appealing and well organized showcase of WSB's services 
  • Improved user experience for all other areas of the site (news, team, projects, career opportunities, events, and more)
  • Optimization across all devices
  • Robust administrative tools to edit content throughout the site
  • Combining sub-sites to the main site to bolster overall SEO rank
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