Benefits of a CMS

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Benefits of a CMS

Benefits of a Custom CMS

  • No “extra fat" - There are no tools you don’t use, directories you don’t need or dashboards icons you don’t understand; we just include the tools you need to update your website quickly and easily.
  • No hidden costs - When you buy a pre-packaged CMS, often you end up using 30% or less of its capabilities, yet you pay for 100% of them. With a custom CMS, the cost is proportional to the website build itself, so you pay for only what you need.
  • Ease of use - You can easily pass the torch from one web editor to the next because the "back end" is so similar to and user-friendly as the user end.
  • Integration of web-based tools – A custom CMS can accommodate not just webpage editing, but pretty much any kind of web-based tool you can imagine. This is the real beauty of the custom approach - it allows you to streamline processes as well as simply improve the aesthetic of your online presence.

Just like we believe in a custom approach to professional web development, we also believe in a lean, custom CMS that greatly simplifies the process of editing a website. Sure, any developer with a little skill can build you a content management system, but can they teach you how to use it? Are you able to teach it to others?

If you’re considering a website re-build, a custom CMS offers much flexibility and sustainability for the future. Contact us to learn more.

by Peter Newhall

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