How to Build a Lead Generation Website

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Building a great lead generation website is all about creating funnels—different ways to capture potential leads that positively influences them towards a sale.

In addition, your website needs to be built in such a way that encourages flow from landing pages into these funnels. As a result, even a simple lead generation site can be a complex piece of architecture!

The best way to build a lead generation website is to work backwards. Pinpoint the action you want a visitor to take—sign up for a newsletter, provide their phone number, request a sample, etc.—and give them a reason to act. Depending on the action you want them to take, your lead gen website could take a wide range of forms. Thankfully, there are some core elements that are must-haves when it comes to building a lead generation website.

Contact information

Visitors to your lead gen website need a way to contact you—without it, they’re going to turn away. It’s absolutely paramount to include your phone number or email address in the header or footer of your website.

The easier it is to see, the more inquiries you’re bound to have and the more leads you’ll be able to capture and follow up on. A phone number is more valuable than an email address, but listing both offers you the best chance at capturing an interested lead.

Contact forms

Your lead generation website is going to be heavily based on landing pages. People will hit these pages after clicking on a social media post, AdWords campaign, solicitation email and more.

And while it’s important to have tailored, targeted content, the de-facto element on these pages needs to be a contact form. In fact, you should have a contact form on every single one of your web pages! The form should be basic and easy to fill out, with a call to action or selling prompt that encourages its use.

Videos and testimonials

Video media is important when building a lead generation website, for a number of reasons. First, video is more appealing than text, encouraging visitors to the page to actually engage with the content you’ve posted.

Second, even a video as short as 30 seconds will improve your ‘time on page’ stats, allowing the rest of your sales funnel to do work. Finally, video instills trust—especially when it’s video of testimonials or a credible figure speaking to you. Combine this with landing pages and you’ve got a recipe for lead capture that’s hard to beat!

Information and copy

Consider your audience when writing content for your website and make sure you’re speaking to them directly. Are they looking for a hard sell that showcases the benefits of your offering, or are they looking for pure information and a soft sell so they can make their own conclusions?

However you present your offer, make sure you’re providing all of the information a person needs and answering any questions they might have. The more confident they are in your offer, the likelier they are to convert.

Putting it all together

While each of the above elements is important to build a lead generation website, how you use them together will determine how effective your site is. Here again, the key is to work backwards.

If your goal is to get an email address, provide the means (contact form), persuade your visitor (copy), earn trust (video) and speak to them directly (landing page).

When everything works together, you’ve got a viable sales funnel! And, when you create these funnels for different audiences, with unique value propositions and tailored calls to action, you’ll build a lead generation website that’s effective.

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