The Colors of Spring

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The Colors of Spring

Good design is about staying inspired. Keeping things fresh!

Since high quality web design is so important to us, we make a point to cultivate our creative energy any chance we get. "GOOB" (Getting Out Of the Building) could not be more important in our industry of web design and web development!

That's why when the annual Macy's Flower Show arrived at the end of March, a field trip to downtown Minneapolis was definitely in order. This year’s theme was “The Painted Garden” and evoked the spirit of southern Asia.

We timed our visit with a midday demonstration by Lili Payne, a friend of ours who paints the vibrant scenery and backdrops for the show. Her two-hour demonstration involved transforming a huge blank canvas into a floral-inspired piece of art (pictured above). It was amazing to see her work so fast and adeptly, taking her cue from the colors and shapes of flowers featured in the show.

May we follow your lead, Lili! After this interminable winter, we're ready for the colors of spring (and web designs that are as refreshing)! 

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