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There is a tiny difference between having just an okay web design and an amazing web design, and the main culprit to this drastic difference is the font style you choose. Choosing a font seems like it should not be given a second thought; if this is your thinking, you might want to reconsider. Just as color can be used to showcase your brand on a website, the font should be used for the same purpose and it comes with larger consequences if used wrong.

Types of Fonts

Before we get into how to use font styles to showcase your brand, it is important to note the variety of fonts that you can use:

Traditional – Times New Roman, Georgia Italic, Trajan

Modern – ITC Avant Garde, Didot Italic, Century Gothic

Defined – Helvetica Bold, Calibri, Franklin Gothic

Stylized – Accent, One Day, Monastic, Giddyup

Choosing the Right Font

As a Twin Cities web design company, we believe the number one rule for choosing a font is: the right font style for your web design should reflect your company’s personality. The font you choose will represent who you are as a company because it’s a visual representation of your brand. You want to present a professional image to your audience, which is why for example, an accounting firm should choose a different font then a marketing firm because they have two different personalities and that should be shown through the font.

What Not to Do

When choosing a font for your web design there is a few things to be cautious about and to avoid. You don’t want to pick an over-the-top font because your web design will look unprofessional and it won’t be taken seriously; you want to be careful not to use too many fonts because then your web design will look chaotic, confusing, and unprofessional; and you don’t want to use lots of colors because your web design will look uncoordinated and messy.

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