Web Development for Startups

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Web Development for Startups

Do you have a great startup idea and just need help with technical implementation? You've come to the right place!

As seasoned professional web developers, we are presented with startup development and product development projects all the time. Some have straightforward needs and some require highly complex planning and execution, the majority that we see typically falling into the latter group. Understanding your project's scope is the first objective of any successful startup venture because everything flows from that: your budget, the technical approaches you'll use and how to time an effective launch into the marketplace.

We can help you get a grasp of your project's development scope as well as understand the bigger picture (often lost when you're so close to your idea). Here are some of the questions we ask ourselves and potential clients:

5 Questions About Startup Projects

  1. Is the startup idea "good enough" to offer something truly valuable to the marketplace?
  2. What is the scope of development needed to achieve the startup idea? What exactly are the programming components and how simple/complex are they?
  3. Can the project be separated into phases? If so, how will phasing impact development costs, timing for launch and your ability to generate revenue?
  4. How scalable does the project need to be? What do you envision 1 year from now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now?
  5. How can the startup idea be monetized, e.g. with specific web features or approaches, to drive sustainability?

When Should I Involve a Developer in my Startup?

The short answer is "not too early or too late." We know this from experience, trust us. Here's why:

Involving a developer before you've honed your business plan is considered "too early." More often than not, a project changes significantly from point of conception to its final business plan (we encourage you to have your plan "vetted" by a few successful entrepreneurs before proceeding). Therefore, getting technical expertise before the "final" idea is set is not a smart use of resources - ours or yours.

On the other end of the spectrum, involving a developer "too late" would be when you're too far down the road of planning your project to make changes that would make your project more flexible, and in turn, viable. It's certainly a good idea to do some initial work - preparing a few mockups or even a simple prototype, for example - but, again, it's a misuse of resources to do too much work when you may not fully understand the technical aspects of the project.

I Have a Business Plan. What's Next?

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