What Are QR Codes?

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What Are QR Codes?

QR Codes are everywhere these days. Even if you didn't know they were called "QR Codes" (i.e. "quick response" codes), you’ll probably recognize the image below. These pixelated squares are popping up on magazine ads, the sides of buses, business cards and all kinds of retail products, from cereal boxes to electronics.

When a QR code is scanned by a mobile phone or camera phone, it triggers a pre-determined action such as opening a webpage, composing a message or calling a phone number. The point is to deliver additional information to the consumer at a crucial time. For instance, a QR code on a food product could open a webpage that displays a coupon for it, prompting the consumer to buy now because they can save money. A QR code for an annual event could launch a video of testimonials about how great the event was last year, encouraging the consumer they shouldn’t miss out.

We recently tweeted about a San Diego real estate agent who's using them to promote real estate discounts for service workers. The code is pasted to his car door; when scanned, it brings up his Facebook page where all his listings are available.

If your company sells products online, ask us about how you can start integrating QR codes

by Tara Loftus

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