Lead Generation Case Study

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National industrial manufacturer Champion-Charter came to us for a new website that would help them navigate uncharted territory: generating business online.

Lead Generation Case Study

Project Goals

  1. Present and market their products online in the best way possible, mostly to a localized, Midwest audience.
  2. Position one product line, Huck® Hydraulic Tools (shown above), to sell to a national audience.

Both goals presented huge growth margins because their former website was dated looking and static with out-of-date product information.

What Was Done

Created a web design specifically geared for lead generation that features:

  • Product architecture that starts with “Industrial Solutions” (the company's unique selling proposition) and then is organized into a handful of intuitive product categories; product categories and subcategories are simply named to make hundreds of products intuitive to find
  • "Shop by Key Manufacturer" as another way for users to find products quickly and easily (this was an "answer" to how the majority of customers talk about products they buy from the company)
  • Site search via Google so a) users can find products by keyword; and b) those searches are tracked in Google Analytics for future analysis
  • Optimized product landing pages with large call-to-action buttons, driving users to fill out the contact form and contact the company for more information or a quote
  • Google Analytics tracking of conversions (contact form submissions)

Project Results

  • 50% increase in website leads over the former website
  • Significant increase in positive feedback about the website in general (verbal comments from veteran customers)
  • A better understanding of what people are searching for and easier decision making, thanks to site search analytics
  • Optimized web presence that provides a "launchpad" for a Google AdWords campaign to further ramp up online business leads in the future

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