Software Integration Case Study

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Intervision Foods, exporter of food products to global customers, needed a website that would allow customers to interact with their internal database where order information was stored.

Software Integration Case Study

Project Goal

Provide a robust login area powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system (NAV) that would allow customers to see and track their orders as well as request documents about those orders. This required a two-way integration between the website and Microsoft Dynamics so information could "flow" from one system to another and back again.

What Was Done

  • Investigated the API for NAV
  • Created a separate database specifically for the fraction of NAV data relevant to the website and synchronized it with the main one
  • Allowed data to be fetched from the separate database so logged-in users could see their order information on the website
  • Allowed logged-in users to request documents about orders which could be retrieved from NAV and placed on the website for download

Project Results

  • Increased client satisfaction because of one easy-to-use web-based system to manage/track orders
  • Increased staff efficiency as the integration eliminated work that was formerly done manually

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