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Our flexible process allows us to tailor effective solutions that work for you and your business, not the other way around. Here's how we do it.

Process for Adapta Interactive


We take the time to not only ask questions about your project, but also learn the nuances of your business. Only then can we recommend the best solutions availalbe to achieve your specific goals.

Determine the Best Solution

Depending on your needs and budget, we will work on your project in one of two ways: for projects with basic features, we employ a 1-phase approach with an all-in-one cost. For more complex projects, we tackle the work in two separate phases, each with its own budget, first a Planning & Design phase, then the Development phase.

Implement the Solution

Together, once we've agreed on the scope of work, we proceed to build your project, including comprehensive QA and testing. Then we release it to you and provide training so you have complete control over the end result.


We connect your project to analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) to ensure you can always see for yourself how your web presence is performing. We help you understand the statistics and can provide ongoing support services if desired.

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